How do I treat scalp psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease that causes scaly rashes to form on the body, and can be very irritating and uncomfortable to the patient.  Scalp psoriasis is especially embarrassing because the scalp is clearly visible. In most cases scalp psoriasis does not occur alone, but is seen along with psoriasis of some other body part.

The problem with scalp psoriasis is that the patient might feel the urge to scrap off the scaly skin, and this may cause the problem to worsen. If however, they can try the alternative treatments with some patience, one that suits them can be found. Following are some treatments that can be tried –

The first treatment, or for the milder cases, tar products should be tried. If they work for you, that is best. They can be found in most drug stores and speciality stores. If they do not work, you can try the next best alternative, salicylic acid. It is found in many forms, including gels and pads. These pads can be kept on the affected areas of the scalp to attain relief.


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Other topical medication that is commonly used includes Dovonex, Tazorac, Anthralin, and Talconex. These help in the curbing of psoriasis outbreaks. Besides, systematic medication is also used to work on multiple areas of the patients’ body. Antimicrobial medication is another upcoming treatment. It is given to patients with a moderate case of psoriasis when it is accompanied by enlarged lymph nodes, which is an indication of a yeast infection.

Steroid injections are used when most alternative methods do not work. They are injected directly into the scalp. Although doctors use topical anaesthesia, it can still be stressful or emotionally traumatic to the patients. Therefore, this treatment is avoided unless everything else fails. Besides, injections are limited to minimal number of cases as steroidal injections can sometimes have serious side effects.

Ultraviolet therapy is now being used for some of the serious cases, and there is an increasingly good response being received to it. There are UV combs available. The treatment best works for people with thinner or no hair, but has general success over all. Besides this, using a varied medical plan also helps to tackle the symptoms of psoriasis. Changing medication helps because the body might build resistance to some of the medication. All these treatments are to be done under a doctor’s supervision.



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