Psoriasis and Your Diet

psoriasis treatment favoriteplusTaking care of your psoriasis can be a long process. But, you can do a lot on your own to look after your psoriasis symptoms. A huge component is your diet.

There is little scientific research on psoriasis and diet. However, appropriate dietary changes can be responsible for clearing or worsening the symptoms. It is important to know that a proper diet varies in each person.

You should recognize that the addition or elimination of one substance from the diet can be the remedy for some and the culprit for others. Still, there are some guidelines to follow for healthy eating that can help with psoriasis.

Types of Food that Improve Psoriasis

As a general rule, your diet should be rich in antioxidants and bioflavonoids. You also need foods that heal the bowels, glands, and liver, as well as foods that reduce inflammation.

Your diet should also consist of fiber, healthy whole grains, and vegetables.

You need to increase your intake of essential fatty acids, such as black currant oil, evening primrose oil, fish, or flaxseed. They contain ingredients that interfere with the production and storage of arachidonic acid.  Arachidonic acid is a type of omega-6 fatty acid that causes inflammation.

Drink 2 liters of water a day to cleanse your body. Drink green smoothies in the morning to include fiber and other nutrients in your diet. Green smoothies and herbal teas are beneficial for psoriasis.

Types of Food that Aggravate Psoriasis

Reducing the intake of alcohol, red meat, sugar, vinegar, and products containing gluten can also help improve psoriasis. In short, avoid acidic foods.

Some researchers believe that people with psoriasis may also have gluten intolerance. Consult your doctor and get the appropriate tests before starting a gluten-free diet.

Psoriasis and Dietary Supplements

There is no proof that dietary supplements help cure psoriasis. However, many patients find that including supplements in their diet helps clear their skin.

Vitamins for Psoriasis:

  • Vitamin A accelerates the healing process.
  • Vitamin B complex helps deal with stress.
  • Vitamin C with bioflavonoids invigorates the immune system.
  • Vitamin D3 prevents psoriatic cells from growing.
  • Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant.

Minerals for Psoriasis:

  • Magnesium, especially if stress is a trigger
  • Copper and zinc help heal the skin.

Other Dietary Supplements:

  • Digestive enzymes improve digestion.
  • Essential fatty acids and Omega 7 contribute to reducing inflammation.
  • Lecithin helps with fats and protects the cells.
  • Probiotics balance the intestinal flora and strengthen the immune system.


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