How to treat eczema

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Eczema can affect a lot of people, of both genders and at any age. Since it is a skin disease that affects the appearance of the skin severely, it causes a lot of suffering and misery to the patient. Eczema is a chronic, itchy rash that can range from mild to severe. Itching is the symptom common to all eczema, and may occur before a rash appears. Skin lesions appear on the face, scalp, hands, and feet. Skin can become raw, change color, and become red and inflamed. In severe eczema, the rash can cover large areas.

Doctors usually prescribe an ointment with steroids, but that might not work for everyone. There are some alternative therapies that can be tried to ease the itchiness and other symptoms of eczema.


Changing the diet can greatly bring relief. Patients should switch to a diet which consists entirely of organically grown products such as fruits and vegetables. Fish should help too since it contains fatty omega acids.

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For those who have eczema on their face, it is very important that they should moisturize regularly. But they should use a cream that does not cause irritation. There are many skin cream available in the market which are completely natural and do not contain any harsh chemicals. These can be helpful and soothing. The cream should be applied directly after showering. Patients with face eczema should avoid processed food. One of the major causes of eczema is processed foods, food products which have additives known as E numbers. Patients should start eating more of a natural diet and they will see a change in their condition. These patients should also get a good amount of sleep.



Some people also get eczema in the ear, which can be quite frustrating as the patient feels the urge to itch near the ear canal, but cannot reach it. To treat eczema of the ear it is very important to treat the infection first. And the next step would be to hydrate the ears to provide some relief. There are a variety of natural remedies which do both the jobs, kill the infection and soothe the itchiness. Honey is a great remedy. The purer the honey, better the result will be. Zinc ointment can also be used along with honey; it will provide cooling sensation and also moisturize the ear.

Since eczema and its symptoms differ from person to person, and also differ on the basis of which area it affects, it`s always better to try various natural treatments to see which works best for an individual. It may not be the case that if one treatment works for one person, its necessary it`ll work for someone else also.


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