Quick Guide: Easy Skin Care Routine for Busy Women

favorite plus skin careBusy mothers and working women rarely have the luxury of spending more than a few minutes for a beauty regimen, which is unfortunate since a prescribed skin care routine is important in keeping skin looking healthy and gorgeous, whatever be the age. A simple, yet suitable regimen goes a long way in maintaining smooth, silky skin. Read on to find out how to rock beautiful skin in spite of your busy schedule.

5 Secrets to Healthy Skin in Minutes

  1. A reliable facial wash goes a long way.

Carefully choose a good face wash that is suitable to your skin type. It is an essential product that defines the tone of your entire skin care routine. If your facial wash is too harsh, or causes your skin to dry up, it will age you faster. Pick medicated cleansers, such as Cetaphil, for morning use. For the evening, use a more effective cleanser to remove dirt, grime, and makeup residue.

  1. Always use sunscreen.

Sunlight is one of the major causes of aged skin; and, regular application of sunscreen is the only means to protect yourself from it, unless you plan to stay indoors for the rest of your life. Decide on a high SPF sunscreen and apply generously. A matte-finish sunscreen is beneficial, especially if you don’t wear makeup.

  1. Use a facial mist.

Even if you are not troubled with dry skin, a facial mist can help in replenishing and keeping your skin from the elements that you are exposed to every day. Still, be mindful not to go overboard in using them because it can have the opposite effect of drying out skin. Go for one that has excellent moisturizing properties, and limit use to just twice daily.

  1. Toning is a necessary step.

Facial cleansers do not always pick up every trace of dirt and oil. To clean up residue that your face wash has left behind, swipe a cotton pad dabbed with toner across your skin for total cleansing. Toners also help shrink pores, preventing acne and pimple breakouts. Always choose an alcohol-free toner.

  1. Get into the habit of exfoliating.

Exfoliate twice or thrice a week. Not more! Put your favorite bottle of exfoliant in the shower so you will not forget. Its presence in your shower rack will remind you to use it.

An effective exfoliant contains very fine particles so as not to harm your epidermis. Exfoliating helps eliminate dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, revealing a radiant complexion. Furthermore, moisturizer can better penetrate skin that has been exfoliated.

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