The Intraoral Dental Camera and Its Way of Innovating Dentists

Every now and then, an invention comes along that irreversibly changes an existing activity or situation in a significant way.

For dentists, one of the most vital advances in modern dentistry is the intraoral dental camera. A couple of important reasons why many dentists are quickly substituting dental mirrors with dental cameras are: first, the magnification factor; and second, the ability to share the image with the patient through live video on a TV or computer screen. 


The magnification feature helps dentists detect small problems, like caries and emerging cracks, much easier.

Patient approval of dental procedures has so far depended on communication and trust between the dentist and the patient. For dentists, this is fairly tough to do with mere words. However, with an intraoral camera, you can have a live video to show to your patients, giving you the ability to validate advanced dental conditions.

If patients could evidently perceive the imperfections that are needful of the recommended dental procedures, then they would, without hesitation, agree to your suggestions. This immense improvement in case acceptance due to the use of an intraoral dental camera is surely the main reason why this gadget has become widely popular in the dental health industry.

Some of the most significant factors to consider when buying a dental camera are compatibility, durability, and image quality.

Compatibility with your current patient database applications is pretty essential. Even if most intraoral cameras come with their own patient database software application, exporting images from the new database application, and importing it into the charting function of your existing database may be time consuming.

Try to steer clear of those intraoral dental cameras that require branded image grabbing cards to be put into your computer, since these usually come with a multitude of hardware compatibility issues. It is much more practical to spend on a dental camera that has open system architecture, and if possible, those that you can simply plug into an open USB 2.0 port on your computer.

intra-oral dental cameraThe USB Dental Intraoral LED Camera Super Cam CF-689 is a reasonably priced LED intraoral camera made with the highest grade Japanese optics and USB 2.0 Plug and Play functionality. It boasts of brilliant image quality and user-friendly features. The Dental Intraoral LED Camera Super Cam CF-689 is armed with a high resolution Sony Super HAD Color 1/4″ CCD sensor and a 6-point bright LED light that deliver optimum lighting and sharp, high-definition image quality. It is also easy to hold, lightweight, and portable. Camera control buttons are accessibly situated on the hand piece for proficient one hand maneuver. You can freeze images with just a press of a button, and then save the images into your patient’s record on your computer. The light hand piece does not need focal adjustment due to its extended depth of field and automatic brightness adjustment. With the Intraoral LED Camera Super Cam CF-689, all objects snap automatically into sharp focus.

Additionally, with the Super Cam’s standard USB 2.0 Plug and Play system, you could plug it directly into any USB port on your computer, without the need for docking stations and video capture cards.

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