Dental Cameras and Patient Acceptance

Dentists use different types of devices and tools to assess the current oral health of their patients. It is essential to pinpoint potential trouble spots in the mouth to provide patients with the highest level of care. Using a dental camera allows dentists and patients alike to see real-time images of the teeth and other dental structures.

dentists camera favorite plusThe use of intraoral cameras is a painless way to see problems with the teeth and gums, including bleeding gums and plaque buildup. With the use of advanced imaging technology, dentists can help patients achieve improved oral health.

Dental intraoral cameras enable dentists to show patients the exact location of the problem and what it is. Patients can see what the dentist sees, which makes the situation more acceptable to the patient.

Using a dental camera provides a complete set of images from inside the mouth. X-ray technology can only provide detailed pictures of the hard structures of the mouth including the bones and teeth. It cannot take images of the soft tissues.

By incorporating an intraoral camera into practice, you can make real-time color images from any angle in the mouth. You can capture images from the rear, and include both the hard structures and soft tissues to create a more comprehensive picture. You can identify and document gum recession, occlusal wear, and other problems.

Using dental intraoral cameras lets patients see how broken down crowns can affect their dental health. Letting them see their old dental crown inside their mouth can probably convince them to replace it with a new one.

The ability to view tooth wear patterns enables dentists to provide patients with better dental products. It also works in younger patients where a view of the full arch can pinpoint misaligned teeth and lead to better orthodontic care.

Lastly, because patients can see potential problems, dentists can easily recommend beneficial procedures. They can explain how taking care of the soft tissues of the gums minimizes plaque buildup, resulting in easier cleanings in the future.


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