Deal With Chronic Pain to Boost Mental Health

pain favorite plusUp to 40% of people globally experience chronic pain in their lifetime, and studies suggest that this has significant associations with feelings of anxiety or mood disorders. If you are looking to improve your mental health, then start by removing any physical obstacles. At the same time, you may find that spiritual practices, such as meditation, work as a natural treatment and actually reduce your chronic pain. Since physical and mental aspects are believed to be interconnected, you can follow these pain management tips to reach mental stability and long-term happiness.

Discover the Cause to Remove the Fear

If you are living with chronic pain, then you’ll know that there are times when things are okay and moments of excruciating and unbearable agony. However, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what is the trigger of this intense pain. This means that even when the pain is lower, you are left with a fearful or anxious sense of dread that it could flare up at any moment.

Part of coping with chronic pain is identifying the cause. Start keeping a journal to note down exactly what you were doing before the pain started. After a while, you’ll be able to identify patterns that point towards your main triggers. Avoiding these triggers helps you to avoid the pain, plus it has another benefit.  By taking control of the physical pain, you remove the anxiety and fear, helping you to become more relaxed and happy in your daily life.

Kill Two Birds with One Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is practiced by around 18 million Americans. Most are using it as a means to overcome stress, anxiety, or depression. While it can undoubtedly help in these areas, it should also be used by those looking to reduce feelings of physical pain. It seems counter-intuitive to focus on pain in order to make it go away, but both anecdotal and objective evidence suggest that this can be highly effective.

When you feel the pain arise, try to focus closely on it without judgment. When you identify something as negative, you worsen your experience of it. Through mindfulness, you can view pain as something separate to you, which is neither good nor bad. Close your eyes and pay attention to its intensity and exactly where it is located. You’ll soon realize that pain is not a real physical thing, but a cognitive response to injury. By focusing all of your attention on the pain, you are actually reducing your brain’s ability to create it. As a bonus, you’ll experience lower levels of stress and anxiety during day to day activities.

Dealing with chronic pain is all about living life to the fullest. When you live with intense pain, you’ll find that you can’t engage in your favorite hobbies, such as adventures, vacations, or social events. Identifying the cause of this pain and finding treatment allow you to live a life without fear or anxiety. Spiritual practices to boost well-being can also help the pain to lessen, so that you can live freely and happily.


Guest Post by Writing Jackie

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