Child-Friendly Dental Tips

dental cameraTooth decay is a leading chronic, childhood condition. Hence, parents have the responsibility of monitoring their newborn’s dental hygiene from birth. Parents may believe that dental care for their children is a waste of time as baby teeth will fall out over time. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Pediatric Dental Care

Nearly all kids begin losing baby teeth by age six. It starts with the front teeth, going all the way to the molars at the back by age 12. But, a child’s good oral hygiene is essential from the get-go, not only as a preventative measure. It is to ensure that children are well-versed in the relation between oral health and dental care.

Dental disregard in the young can lead to more significant dental problems down the line, such as:


Dental negligence can lead to infections in both children and adult. When the situation occurs in a child, tooth extraction is the most realistic quick fix. It could take eight years for the permanent tooth to replace it.

Missing Teeth

The gaps created by missing teeth may cause the misalignment of teeth in adulthood. In turn, you would need costly orthodontic work to fix it.


Kids require teeth to eat healthy solid foods to grow and develop. Dental issues can make it hard to get the appropriate nourishment.


Dental oversight can result in cavities that if left untreated are prone to infection and illness.


Dental Information for Parents

Parents should brush up on oral health basics to ensure the wellbeing of their child.

Take your kid for a dental exam and check-up as soon as they turn one year old.

Scrape food residue after feeding by using a soft cloth or gauze to wipe down gums. This process will reduce the sugar left behind and cut the risk of tooth erosion.

As soon as your child gets a tooth, proper brushing is a must. Parents should use the softest toothbrush. Brush the tooth twice a day with a puny bit of fluoride toothpaste.

When all their baby teeth have developed, floss them once a day.

Never let your child sip on juice or soda while brushing.


Children need special dental care and the skilled hands of a pediatric dentist. Research and screen a potential dentist. Schedule a meet-and-greet session with the dentist before getting their services.

It is valuable to make dental visits fun, so a child does not develop any dental anxiety surrounding the situation. Many pediatric dental offices have distractions such as toys, play areas, and television.

After a happy time in the waiting room, depending on the child’s age, parents may be asked to stay in the reception area so your kid can connect with their dentist. The initial appointment should last between 15-30 minutes. A complete dental examination involves the scrutiny of the teeth, gums, bite, jaw, and oral tissues.

A mild cleaning to remove dental plaque and tartar buildup may be done. The dentist will also most likely discuss about future dental growth, care, and maturation.



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