Why Buy a Dental Camera

dental camera

A dental camera is an extremely common commodity for dental workplaces these days. First introduced in 1989, dental cameras are now being used by thousands and thousands of dental clinics worldwide. They are utilized to build patients’ trust through visual communication. Although other DSLR cameras are beneficial, a dental intraoral camera is best used while the patients are on the chair, showing them a clear image of the inside of their mouth, and allowing the dentist to consult them on different treatment choices and to save the pictures directly to the patients’ files. And a few advantages of these saved images is that one, dentists can always refer to them to see what procedures are required next for the patient. Two, they can use the saved pictures to compare the results of any treatment given.

With the use of a dental intraoral camera, the teeth of the patient will be outlined on a TV monitor, where they can be seen much better by the dentist. And since dentists now have a good vision of the teeth and gums, they would be able to observe even the tiniest detail. Even with years of education and experience, dentists’ may still be inaccurate in pointing out the exact problem with their patients’ teeth or gums due to their limited view of the inner mouth. However, because of dental intraoral cameras that can actually zoom in the images they capture from inside the mouth, a misdiagnosis has become very rare.

Additionally, most dental cameras are lightweight and easy to hold. Camera control buttons are suitably positioned on the hand piece for efficient one hand operation. Dentists may capture images with a simple press of a button, and they can save these pictures into the patient’s record file on their computer or laptop. The Plug and Play feature of most dental cameras enable dentists to plug the camera directly into any USB port on their computer, eliminating the need for a docking station and video capture card.

One example of this type of camera is the USB Dental Intraoral LED Camera Super Cam. It is an inexpensive LED intraoral dental camera made with high grade Japanese optics and USB 2.0 Plug and Play functionality. The brilliant image quality and the user friendly features of this particular dental camera are its selling points. It is armed with a high resolution Sony SuperHAD Color 1/4″ CCD sensor and a 6-point bright LED light that deliver optimal lighting and sharp, high-definition image quality.

The lightweight hand piece of the USB Dental Intraoral LED Camera, in particular, does not need focal adjustment since it has an extended depth of field coupled with an automatic brightness adjustment. With the USB Dental Intraoral Camera, all objects snap, by design, into sharp focus. Also, because the Super Cam is extremely lightweight and portable, dentists can easily put it in their pocket and use it whenever, wherever they need to.

In general, the dental camera is an ideal tool for dental professionals, who are looking for ways to improve their dental practice.

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