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DermaHealer UVB Narrowband Lamp to Treat Psoriasis Vitiligo Eczema Dermatitis  - DermaHealer UVB Narrowband Lamp to Treat Psoriasis Vitiligo Eczema Dermatitis (Back to product)
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Acknowledgment to Favorite Plus

からびな - 17th July 2019

First of all, I am deeply grateful to the attitude of UAB Favorite plus, which supports patients.I wrote this review from Japan. It's very late and apologize. I had to go to a dermatologist for treatment. It was time consuming, expensive and inconvenient. However, this product has improved the situation. Personal UVB phototherapy devices are not sold in this country due to Pharmaceutical Affairs Law. Therefore, the way of getting was import only. There were some questions about using this product in Japan, but a very quick and helpful answer helped a lot. Also, thank you very much for some offers. The product is easy to use, effective and very nice. I introduced this product to the patient meeting. I hope your product will be more widely available and that patients can have some hope. Thank you very much.

Wonderful Service

Meera - 04th June 2019

The lamp that I purchased ended up being broken. FavoritePlus was very quick about answering my emails, letting me know what the possible issues could be. Since the issues were irresolvable, FavoritePlus promptly sent a new lamp. Communication has been very easy and I would highly recommend purchasing from FavoritePlus.

Psoriasis Lamp

Sandra Smithers - 30th May 2017

Excellent product and good efficient service.

Stop the flare

L.Hall - 22nd December 2016

Spending $169 on this item is less than my crappy "co-insurance" cost per office visit. I wish I had investigated this purchase years ago. It came with UV goggles AND a timer! At no extra charge. The instructions were clear and simple. Also, the photo should show that this lamp swivels and can be used anywhere. The photo looks like it's a "hand-in-here" only kind of device.

Vitiligo tanning

Netra - 25th November 2016

Wonderful product!! Will definitely be ordering more products in the future!!

Amazing Results! Better than expensive laser treatments at the dermatologist!!!

sjcherry - 20th September 2016

I purchased this device about two months ago. I had been treated twice a week previously with the Xtract laser at my dermatologists office for a year and had two prescription topical steroid ointments.

Since my purchase, I have stopped all topical prescription treatments and visits to the doctor. I have treated myself with the light device twice a week at the initial recommended settings/timings and and have seen AMAZING results! My face, ears, elbows and rib cage are 100% clear. My shins and calves are about 90% clear. This is SO MUCH MORE IMPROVEMENT than I have seen in years and at the cost on one laser treatment!!!


Psoriasis Vitiligo Treatment Lamp

Lake Wisconsin - 17th June 2016

This process was easy. The unit came in the timeframe they said it would . This unit really has seemed to improve my daughters psoriasis. She is following the directions step by step, with great results.

Simply Amazing

Rick Barnes - 31st May 2016

For seven years I suffered with hand and foot psoriasis. I was literally handicapped and about to apply for disability when I saw the ad for Dermahealer. It literally reduced my psoriasis down to a dime-sized rash. I am now completely able to work and play as if I never even had it. Even when I ran into a small problem with the device, this awesome company replaced it promptly and without hassle! I could not be any happier. I thank you favorite Plus from the bottom of my heart. I actually have my life back!

wonderful product - highly recommend

Old fogey - 03rd January 2016

I am a long-time psoraisis sufferer who does not like to use steroids. Realizing after a trip to California that the sun was a cure, I tried this gadget three minutes a day over three areas and little by little not only did the areas of skin that I treated directly heal, but I noticed that my entire skin had improved. Healing one area, improves the entire skin - something I had never heard of.

Small treatment area but big results

tmiller - 05th October 2015

My Dermatologist wanted to put me on a regimen of 3x treatments per week @ $40 per. I asked if I could get a home use light, the cost via prescription was, $5000 for a full stand up unit. or $2500 for a portable unit. I could not afford that at all at this time.. I've been using this unit with spectacular results instead. Yes I invest a bit more time for my treatments but I'm OK with that. I had the tech at Dermatologist test the light output with the meter they have and it falls right within what it should be to treat my Psoriasis. They even asked where i got it because many other patients are in the same cash restricted boat that I am.. This thing works fine if you are willing to spot treat the areas and invest some time to get it done..
I treat 30seconds per area as per my doctors instructions and have seen a 90% improvement in 2 weeks. I highly recommend.

simple, effective and incredible cheap

LEO - 12th June 2014

I have spots of psoriasis on my arms, shoulders, and back. The largest is about 1.5" sq in. Each had severe redness and plaque. I started treatments with the lamp and noticed results within 4-5 treatments. I started at 30s for each spot and worked up to two minutes. My arms never burned, but my shoulders and back have less normal exposure, so after the first 2 minute treatment, there were "sunburns" in those areas. I did the treatments daily for the first few days and then 2-3 times a week.

After a few treatments, I noticed that the spots began to wane. After about a month of treatment. the largest spot on my arm is barely visible. This has been a life changer for me as the spots had began to spread and become embarrassing and affected me socially to a degree. I am thrilled that I have this device and suggest it to anyone who wants an economical, drug-free solution.

This thing is awesome for psoriasis

Benita S - 01st June 2014

Because it is making my psoriasis disappear and I have had it over 30% of my body. It is so nice to see clear skin once again.

Better after one use!

SUllyvan - 16th May 2014

I too have tried everything and tanning beds are boring and a pain. The instructions are clear and simple, use it only for a minute at first, seriously that is all you need. I have had this for only two days and you already can't tell I have psoriasis. I have it on 20% of my body, but I am already comfortable in shorts and a T-shirt. It was well worth my money to have made this purchase!

Shipped to me faster than expected

Dr. Floyd - 11th May 2014

I was a little concerned with the fact that it was coming from Europe, but it works as expected and saves me trips to the hospital for light treatments for vitaligo. Very simple and good quality device.

Absolutely thrilled with the results

summer - 19th April 2014

My skin looked and felt better after just one use. I have tried just about everything to control my psoriasis aside from injections for fear of a weakened immune system. Tanning in a tanning bed has been the only thing that actually helps my psoriasis. I don't care for tanning beds, but it helped tremendously. When I heard about phototherapy lamps I was thrilled to find something that could focus on just the affected areas of my skin. Either way I was able to figure out how long I was supposed to hold the lamp over my patches and to wear protective eyewear. I wore my tanning goggles that I wore in the tanning bed and held the lamp for 35 seconds over each patch. The next day I was amazed at how clear my skin had gotten literally overnight. For anyone that suffers from psoriasis knows how annoying this ailment is. Not only does it make you extremely self conscious, it is also very itchy and painful. I am absolutely thrilled with this product and would recommend it to anyone that has psoriasis.

It works great

Javier - 17th April 2014

Delivered on time. Lamp works great for reducing vitiligo patches. We recommended it to several friends who suffer the same symptoms.

5 stars - Good buy!

INC - 12th April 2014

This product is working as promised, this is a good buy! We have saved time and money by not having to go to the doctor 3 times a week.

Very good treatment for Vitiligo

Mike C. - 24th March 2014

This is a good device for treating vitiligo on specific parts of body instead of the whole body. The treatment using this device is more concentrated on only these parts. It has a good response.


ladyM - 23rd March 2014

caused skin irritations (skin redness), and itching. I guess it is not suitable for me.

Finally the convenience of home, without the mess of topical products

Timmer - 02nd March 2014

This turns out for me to be the most convenient solution to the scourge of psoriasis. I'd been through the photo booth treatments at the medical clinic, which worked great, but required me to leave work early 3 times a week, and left me with a big bill that insurance didn't cover. Then I found an over the counter topical product, Psoriasin ointment, also worked great; but what a greasy mess to have to deal with.


angie - 22nd February 2014

My psoriasis showed improvement pretty quickly. But warning- light is strong. I sunburned badly myself leaving it a little to long. Start at two minutes and see how you do. And gradually go up. You will know when you burn. Not fun. But better then taking meds.

light treatment

Oak Hills - 14th February 2014

This product I believe will be very helpful for my dry skin. The directions on how long to use the light are pretty clear. I started with about 30 seconds and am now up to a minute and a half on each area. I have noticed improvement on the spots I am consistent with! Definitely beats going to the dermatology clinic every week for light treatment.

Seems to work

Cedric - 04th February 2014

I've been using this lamp for a little over 2 months and I've been able to get some very serious plaque psoriasis under control. It was really bad on both lower legs was getting worse and spreading all over my body. I'd been using prescriptions and over-the-counter products that were no longer effective after long-term use. The dermatologist said there was no cure but I should keep up the office visits and trying different Rx's. This was just too expensive as I'm unable to get insurance coverage. Instead, I found this lamp online and just ordered it because I was getting desperate. I used the lamp roughly every other day after soaking the areas for 30 minutes in Epsom Salt and I also tried Dead Sea Salt. Most of the areas on the other parts of my body cleared up within the first month and now I've only got a couple stubborn spots on one lower leg that are greatly improved but not yet gone although I'm optimistic that continued treatment will work. I'm at the point that I can reduce most of the treatment areas to only once a week. The instructions with the lamp are very clear and easy to follow. Don't over do it - start with short treatments and increase only to a sensible level.

works for me

cronos - 01st February 2014

Lamp does what is says it should/would. have to follow the directions carefully. or had your physician/dermatologist do it.

Phototherapy Lamp

JH - 18th January 2014

I have been struggling with my psoriasis for several years. Lotions, Pills, Coal Soap, Injections. I tried everything, less than a month I decided to get the Lamp and All I can say is I regret not getting it since the very first time. For over 5 years I suffered psoriasis that covered the 15% of my left leg and foot, and in Just 1 month of treatment I already got rid off most of the psorisasis, the skin is getting back to its original color, leaving no rash or scars behind.

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