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We offer finger, handheld, wrist and pediatric type pulse oximeters. Pulse oximeters are medical devices used to measure the blood oxygen saturation (or oxygen level in the blood) and pulse rate. This information can help you monitor your condition during exercise, activities of daily living, or air travel. Pulse oximeters are considered to be a noninvasive, painless, general indicator of oxygen delivery to the tissues (e.g., finger, earlobe, forehead, toe or nose).
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Finger Pulse Oximeters

Finger Pulse Oximeters

Digital finger pulse oximeter is a small, cost-effective, yet versatile device for accurate assessment of blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate. The compact, self-contained unit simply slips onto the finger and within seconds displays your data. Small size of this pulse oximeter allows you to keep it in your pocket or in a drawer. This finger pulse oximeter is ideal for use in the hospital or clinical environment.

Handheld Pulse Oximeters

Handheld Pulse Oximeters

Handheld pulse oximeter offers the best performance on the go. These rugged devices can be used every day for anything from a simple spot check to long-term studies. Our small, simple, reliable, and durable pulse oximeters have earned the trust of clinicians worldwide. Our oximeters are small enough to fit in your pocket and can be use for monitoring neonatal through adult patients in almost any setting, from hospital to home.

Wrist Pulse Oximeters

Wrist Pulse Oximeters

Wrist pulse oximeter was designed to be worn comfortably on the patient's wrist. It accurately measures blood oxygen saturation levels and heart pulse rate. Readings are displayed and stored within a wristwatch unit for maximum convenience and flexibility. Ideal for monitoring daily activities and for overnight studies.

Pediatric Pulse Oximeters

Pediatric Pulse Oximeters

Pediatric finger pulse oximeters are specially designed to provide spot-check for oxygen saturation level and pulse rate for children. Recommended for Pediatric patients weighing 15-45 kg/33-100 lb. Not intended for prolonged use (spot-check only).

Oximetry Parts & Accessories

Oximetry Parts & Accessories

A selection of parts and accessories for our range of pulse oximeters: oximetry data management software, power supplies, AC adapters, battery chargers, protective cases, table-top stands and cables. We also offer a wide variety of reusable pulse oximeter sensors that will provide reliable spot check measurements on adult, children (pediatric) and infant patients.

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Easy ECG Handheld Monitor FP180

Price: $149.00
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Portable Handheld Low Vision Video Magnifier 4.3'' Color LCD ViewAid

Price: $199.00
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EUR €143.64 | GBP £118.39 | AUD $212.89

DermaHealer UV-B Phototherapy Lamp for Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Eczema

Price: $299.00
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EUR €215.82 | GBP £177.88 | AUD $319.87


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