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Pulse oximeters are available in every hospital, in ICU and in OPDs. They check a patient’s hemoglobin without drawing blood. But now a day’s pulse handheld pulse oximeters are available on online portals that you can buy and keep at home. These are great for people who need to keep checking their stats and blood oxygen saturation level and monitor them and they are also great for people who are active. These portable handheld pulse oximeters are also ideal for pilots who work in pressurized environments regularly.

When buying this device online it is an important thing that you buy it from a trustworthy and reliable site. .com is one of the best sites who sell these handheld pulse oximeters. They are affordable and the site is also very reliable.


Handheld Pulse Oximeter UT100 is one of the oximeter listed on Favoriteplus.com It is lightweight and has a LCD display screen. Through this you can monitor the blood oxygen saturation level and heart rate. It is one of the preferred devices among professionals. UT100 hand-held pulse oximeter can monitor neonatal stats through adult patients in any setting, from hospital to home. It also has an automatic power off function for saving power. Powerful data storage capacity and data can be transferred to PC for storage review and printing. For just $249 you get this lightweight hand held device which is capable of recording data for 120 hours!




Finger Pulse Oximeter FP300C is a finger pulse oximeter which can be found on Favoriteplus.com

For $89 FP300C is very cost effective to keep at home or even in the car while you are travelling. The lightweight compact device slips onto the finger and in just a few seconds’ displays the reading. Since this device can be worn around the neck it is ideal for sports people, whether in the gym or out in the ground.




Pediatric Finger Pulse Oximeter FP300P is an oximeter specially developed for children. The whole device is quite colorful, so it does not intimidate or scare kids. It is specially designed for spot check for oxygen saturation level and pulse rate for children. Although this device should not be used for a long period of time and should be used only for spot checks. The child on whom this device is used should be around 15-45 kg. This small device helps in detecting conditions such as like hypoxemia, a deficiency in the concentration of oxygen in arterial blood etc. FP300P is available on Favoriteplus.com for just $80 with free shipping.





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