What can cause Abnormal ECG Results

You went to your doctor to pick up your ECG Test results and a technician in charge of the ECG gave you the results without telling anything except that your results are abnormal. But before you panic and think that you are in Good shape and how it can happen to you, just wait for what your doctor has to say. Abnormal ECG results usually indicate heart problems but sometimes these abnormalities can be due to aging, the drugs you have been taking or because of your some other illness or disease. This can cause the heart to behave erratically. So it is not always necessary that medical intervention is required if there are abnormalities in your ECG report.


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Abnormality in ECG report generally means that the electrical system of your heart is not working properly.  Abnormal ECG results may indicate heart block, Tachycardia, Bradycardia, Premature atrial contraction, heart attack and many other heart conditions. A heart doctor interprets ECG results to diagnose the medical condition of a patient. This is done by comparing your ECG graph with a normal or standard heart graph.


There is also a possibility that you have completely normal ECG report despite having significant heart problems. This is because ECG results are also affected by the conditions in which the ECG test was taken. An ECG recorded while patient lie at rest may produce normal results as in some cases heart problems are not present while the patient is relaxed. But when the same patient’s ECG is recorded during exercise (also known as Stress ECG or Treadmill ECG) it may uncover heart problems which otherwise can’t be found through ECG taken at rest. Your doctor can also recommend you to wear Holter Monitor at home usually for a period of 24 to 48 hours in case heart problems is not detected by the ECG machine.


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7 Responses to What can cause Abnormal ECG Results

  1. I recently went to visit a doctor and was told my ECG is abnormal.
    I am a 42 year old male who doesnt smoke nor drink.

    Prior to my visit, i visit i only felt some minor discomfort on my left hand side where the heart is.
    I have not been exercising well and i can only hope that this s just a fitness challenge.

    Can somebody please give me some further advice and share some knowledge with me.

    072 612 5757

  2. Lizzie says:

    I went to the doctor was told i have abnormal ECG due to stress causing pain in the heart as a result of change in the heartbeat am 21 years old then after two days went back for a check up and it was normal but the pain has continued ever since what could be the problem?

  3. Lizzie says:

    The doctor told me i had an abnormal ECG due to stress causing pain in the heart due to change in the heartbeat am 21 yrs old went back after 2 days it was normal but the pain has continued ever since what could be the problem??

  4. Mark neil Iran says:

    I went to a medical lab and i have an extreme right axis deviation according to the result,is it a serious health problem?

  5. Zuka says:

    My heart beats fast and even to the bones of the thoracic cavity. My ECG reports reads abnormal ECG. My doctor did not comment in it. He only have me drugs to lower the cholesterol which is also high it also says possible endocardial and ischemia interior.

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